Monday, March 23, 2009

Florida Vacation

Ok all,

Sorry for the long blog hiatus.  Max and I have been soaking up the sunshine in Florida! That's right, we took a 4 day vacation together to visit my grandparents. We had a wonderful time! 

I have to admit, I am not sure what I enjoyed more. Watching Max swim in the pool everyday and have his first-ever beach experience. Or, watching my grandmother interact with her precious great-grandson. She showed him off to everyone, including strangers at the beach and restaurants. She was in an ongoing state of bliss and could barely stand to part with us after the 4 days.

One of our best memories was at the beach. Let me explain by giving you a picture-by-picture explanation:

Max meets Sand.

Max likes Sand.

Max eats Sand.

Mmmmmm...Yummy Sand.

Here are just a few more of my favorite snapshots from our trip:

Hey guys, 
will you put The Beach in the nav system for me?

Max did not dig the pool while in his life jacket.

Ahhh...much better.
Free at last!

Max and his proud great-grandmothers.
[Did I mention my red-haired Nana drove more than two hours to see her Max? 
Now, that is love!]

Max, you are a great little companion! You better believe we have more Mama and Max trips in our future. 


Becky said...

What great pictures from your trip! I was itching to see Mr. Max in action beach side!

And how sweet are your Nanas??

Looks like a great time was had by all, especially your grandma!

Colton Troy Fallows said...

awww these are awesome!!! I love this little guy. Such a people pleaser!
Look at how well hes standing!

Joyful said...

Arent those memories so precious!?! We will have to get the boys together for a swim at my Moms this summer! How fun would that be!

four4now said...

Max - you are the best!