Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Swim Time!

Max started swim lessons today! For the next eight weeks, Max and his cousin Eli, are going to be learning the freestyle and backstroke. Since Max and Eli are both such overachievers, I have a feeling they will quickly learn these two basic strokes and move on to more important swim techniques, like the butterfly. I certainly don't want to be that mom and aunt, but I can pretty much guarantee they will have the butterfly mastered by the end of the session.  

Ok, seriously, I am sure you are wondering what we actually do in a swim class at this age. First off, it's a Parent & Me class, which means mommy gets to participate in pool time. Second, mommy gets to sing a lot of nursery rhyme sing-songy songs. Next, while holding Max in a football hold mommy says to "reach reach" his little hands forward [a simple doggy paddle motion] and then lays him on his back and says "kick kick" as he learns to kick his little feet. To wrap things up, Max got dunked [lovingly by his mommy] underwater to the tune of "The Noble Duke of York." And that is all in the first class, people! 

If we keep our kids in swim lessons for the long haul, Max and Eli could be the next Michael Phelps [minus the whole drug bust photos and debacle, of course!].

Here's some shots of the boys doing their swim thing today:

Locker room before the big class

Swim and strategy talk

Before swim class
Loving the water? Not so sure.

After swim class
Having a blast together!


Becky said...

Those boys are so cute!!!

I smell Olympic gold!

Joyful said...

Im so jealous! That looks like so much fun! Max is going to be a little fish by the end of the class!

four4now said...

Ahhhhhh, I remember these days. Good times.

Chris and Rebecca said...

Shayden started crying when he saw the photos - he just wishes he was big enough to join in.

Anonymous said...

Okay this is crazy...I stubbled upon your blog by the way of Mercy Ministries. Your story is amazing. You are truly blessed! Are you from the Columbus Area? I live in Powell. It is funny how God connects people. Theresa