Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Tricks!

At eleven months old [yes, it's official. He turned eleven months yesterday. Hard to believe, isn't it?] Max can climb the stairs. 

He has been working on it quite diligently lately. He communicates it is "stair time" when he crawls over to the gate. Pulls himself up. Tugs at it. Or his newest trick, actually moves it out of the way. And then it's time to practice. Up, Up, Up! That is all he wants to do. And then when he gets to the top, he turns around, and gives you this winner of a smile...as if to say, "Stairs? No problem!"


Becky said...

Ok, that has to be the sweetest thing ever!!

Way to go Max! You are such a big boy!

Joyful said...

So cute! That is so nice you have carpet on your stairs! Ours are all hardwood. Im just waiting for Jett to bite it on them. So far so good! Jett gives Max a high five!

four4now said...

Oooooh, he is getting bigger!

Happy 11 months!


Colton said...

Way to go buddy!

Marie said...

Awesome Max-Man! Sam - good catch about 11 seconds in :)