Friday, April 17, 2009

ALL Boy!

So I have had the distinct pleasure of plant-sitting for my dear friend, Joy. She is off on a cross country adventure right now, so she asked if she could leave her treasured plants at my house. Thanks to the Aqua Globe [and not my green thumb] they are still alive. Whew!

Max has somehow not discovered the two big, beautiful, lush plants...


See photo below. 'Nuff said.


Becky said...

Oh Max, you sweet thing!

On another note, I'm happy to see someone is having success with the Aqua Globe. I have always been intrigued by it!

Marie said...

Haha. Between the dirt and the sand last month, he might be trying to tell you something! Nah, sounds like a normal ALMOST-1-YEAR-OLD thing to do! Joe and I can't wait to see the little man next week!

Joyful said...

Ok This is ADORABLE! I love his "wings" in his hair!