Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthdays, Fire Trucks & Goldfish

Max's first birthday celebration has officially begun! His actual birthday [April 30] is still a few days away, but we kicked off the big event early by hosting a joint birthday party with his cousin Eli [who celebrated his first birthday on April 21].

Birthday Boys

With fire trucks as our theme, we [and about 40 of Max and Eli's friends & family] started out at the local fire station for a tour. What a hit for the kids AND the adults! The kids loved clamoring on the fire trucks and trying on the equipment. The adults loved taking turns riding up eight stories in the bucket [you know, the big ladder that goes up in the sky to rescue people!]. Now, I am not one for heights, but you better believe Sam tried it out! And the grandma's too!

Happy 1st Birthday Max!

Max the firefighter

About ready to take the truck out for a run

Adventurous grandma's!

Seriously, look how high!

Off to the park [did I mention it was the most beautiful day EVER? Thank you Jesus!]. No first birthday is complete without cake. So Max and Eli dug in. Or should I say, Eli dug in. Max wanted NOTHING to do with his cake. In fact, he kept trying to push it off the tray. Maybe I have been feeding him too much organic cuisine? Mister didn't want anything to do with all that sugar [that's my boy!].

Getting ready for cake time!

Ahhhh...their first birthday cake!

Hmmmm...not so sure 

Eli, on the other hand...

Max wanting NOTHING to do with his cake

And this birthday update would not be complete if I didn't share with you that Max officially has a pet. A goldfish. Cousins, Maddie [8] and Abby [6] came up with the idea that Max and Eli needed goldfish for their birthdays! Talk about a memorable gift. The boys were quite intrigued at first glance. Eli kept trying to put his hand in the bowl to get the fish, Max stayed a bit more reserved and just peeked over the edge.

Max and his new pet fish

Eli's hands in the fish bowl!

We do need a bit of your help. Naming our new pet fish! Please submit your favorite name and I will post the winner in a few days. And a prize? Still thinking about what it should be...but a new pet fish could be in your future if you are selected. :)

All in all, it was a memorable day! Thanks friends and family for joining us as we celebrated these beautiful boys!


Becky said...

What a great recap of the coolest 1st birthday party!! I love the picture of Max and his cake. Classic!!!

Max, Happy Birthday, buddy! You are so incredibly loved!!!

Aunt Becky

Joyful said...

How fun! You know anytime you want to go for a ride in a firetruck you just have to call my Mom. My stepdad sells them! You know you want to climb that ladder! Isnt it the best feeling that he is one! Hes officially a toddler! What a big boy! Happy Birthday Max!!!!!

four4now said...

Madeline votes for "Speckle"
Abigail votes for "Speedy"

Becky said...

I totally forgot to submit names for the fish!

I vote Gary Richard, or Gordon Ray.

Bonnie said...

Wow! It's been a year. What a blessed year!
Happy Birthday, Max!
He's beautiful!!!

Bonnie Brannigan

Erin said...

So fun!!
So sorry we missed this celebration!
The boys are adorable and it looks like you all had a blast. Happy birthday boys!

The3Scotts said...

well i don't have a name...but i think a box of "goldfish crackers" would be a great treat/prize!!
Happy Birthday Kiddo!!

Chris and Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Max! We had so much fun celebrating with you. With think you should name your fish Mr. Sushi - it seems to be a real hit if you only want to keep him for a short time. :) (hint hint Jen and Sam)
Love and Hugs

Colton said...

hahaha these comments are as funny as the blog lol... u guys r too funny. Max, U have been with us for only one year and made such a huge impact on soo many peoples life! I love you little guy! Im glad u could have such a great time turning 1!!!!

my vote is Bling lolol i think its good for a "gold" fish lol

KTEAM said...

Happy Birthday Max. Your party rocked!
I think you should name the fish Jervis.

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday Max!!

Sophia likes the name Nemo and Lucy likes the name Max (both are very original, I know!)