Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Max!

Maximus turns 1! 

He woke up to this surprise waiting for him in the family room:

A Radio Flyer Wagon!

Checking it out

Trying it out

Lovin' it!

Then, off to breakfast with daddy and mommy [a tradition we plan to keep!]:

Dig in to that blueberry pancake buddy

Up next? A playdate and lunch with Max's Aunt Kristen and cousins:

Icing cupcakes for dessert

One very special cupcake for Max

Remember the birthday cake
Yep, still not interested.

Max getting lots of birthday love from his cousins

And then an afternoon stroll in his new ride:

Strollin' the hood looking for chics
in his pimped out ride

A surprise package at the front door from his birthdaddy [Colton] and birthgrandma [Tonya]:

That's right Max
all those gifts are for you!

One of his fun new toys
a big hit!

To wrap up our eventful day, we decided to give the birthday boy one more chance at dessert. Third times a charm, right? Wrong. The icing on his face is actually from us smearing some on him to make him lick it and like it. Didn't work.  Maybe next year, huh buddy?

This again??!!

Still not interested guys
How many times do I have to show you?

And to our Dear, Sweet Maximus,

You are so precious to us, little man. You have made our world complete this last year. We can't possibly imagine life without you. 

You are our constant reminder of God's faithfulness. A living and breathing miracle to us. 

We love you!

Daddy & Mommy


four4now said...

ONE last Happy Birthday Maximus! :)

We love you little man!!!


Becky said...

Dearest Maximus,
Oh, how your Aunt Becky loves you!! Thank you for being a reminder that God hears us and still works miracles today! I am so blessed to have you in my life, and I feel even more blessed to be your Auntie.

Love you!
Aunt Becky

Chris and Rebecca said...


Happy Birthday from your Aunt Becca, Uncle Chris and cousin Shayden.
We love you!

KTEAM said...

Happy Birthday little guy! You are such a treasure and we are so glad we get to be part of your life!
Jed, Monica, Isabel and Caleb.