Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's In A Name?

Max loves to say Dada. And Daddy [pronounced more like Da-eeeee, no "dd" in the middle].

Max also loves to say his own name [pronounced Maaaa, no "x" sound, just Maaaa].

Max rarely says Mama. Rarely. As in, I have only heard him say it twice. Ever.

Why is it that I spend day in and day out with the boy and he doesn't say my name? I know he can say it. I have heard it with my own ears! But, he chooses not to say it.

He looks at framed family pictures in our house, like this one...

And this one...

And then he will point his little finger up at Sam and say, Da-eeee. Or look jubilantly at himself in the middle and say, Maaaaa.  But nope, no Mama.

Confession time. I stooped so low the other day, I paid my eight-year-old niece [Maddie] five dollars to work with him and get him to say Mama. We had only one successful "Mama" the next day. And it was after a long bout of "Maaaa, Maaaa, Maaaa" [he was showing off for his grandparents] and then, almost by accident, he threw in a "Mama."

I am trying really hard not to get offended by my eleven-month-old son. But, seriously, what gives? 


four4now said...

hey, at least she got one out of him! ;)

Jen said...

I agree! That is one more than I could get out of him.

And it was music to my ears, well worth the $5!

Joyful said...

If you ask you doctor or read baby center they will say that at this point they dont know what dada and mama means. They will also tell you that dadadadadada is a much easier sound for them to make. Dont worry this is totally normal. :-) Jett has been saying dada since 6 months and nana since 7 months and just now started the bababab and mamamama sounds. the only "word" he says is Dog. I see where his priorities lay. :-)

Kristin said...

It is very true that the Da-Da sound is easier for them to make.

He'll get to Mama very soon and then he'll go around saying it all day long.

My dad tells a story how after I was born he kept asking my mother how long it would be before I would talk because he couldn't wait for me to say things. She said when I hit 3 he told her he would love to go back to those quiet baby days! :o)