Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Lake

Sam and I love to make great memories at the Lake every summer. This summer will be no exception. We kicked our lazy Lake days off by spending the weekend with friends near the water. Max loved every minute.

Here is a little photo gallery of our weekend adventure.

This picture is just because...
Look at those baby blues and curls!

First doughnut...
Which Max loved!
One of our Lake traditions is to take the boat out early 
in the morning and drive to the local doughnut shop.

Morning photo opp on the Lake...
Max is still loving that doughnut!

Back on the boat for an afternoon of fun.
Max, you are one cool dude!

First jet ski ride...
Yep, that's right! 

What a great weekend.
Lots of smiles, lots of fun and lots of great memories!


Becky said...

Love, love, love Max in his sunglasses! He is as cool as his DADA!

Can't wait to make some more lake memories this summer with you Max!

Chris and Rebecca said...

Max you are rockin the Sea Doo!!! Can't wait to see you cut some waves on family vaca.

Rachel said...


Michelle told me about your blog and last night I could not go to sleep because I was up looking at your precious boy! I am SO HAPPY for yall! He is beautiful and you and Sam look like the best parents. I will definitely be keeping up with you three from now on. :)

Hope all is well!!

Lots of love,
Rachel (and Ty, too!)