Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We need your help! Sam and I are unable to agree on a name for Max's new goldfish. 

[Note: If you are just stopping in, the little man received a pet fish as a birthday gift].

We asked for your help in naming our new family member [see this blog post for details] and y'all rose to the challenge. Just some of the names entered include: Wanda, Alice, Bling, Nemo, Jervis, Speckle, Speedy, Gordon Ray, Mr. Sushi and many more creative suggestions.  :) 

Here is what we have it narrowed down to, and we are counting on YOU to cast your vote and help us name this fish.

1. Bling
2. Mr. Sushi

You've got 48 hours so please don't delay. Cast that vote!!!


four4now said...

We vote for Bling. :)

The3Scotts said...

I like Mr. Sushi. :)

Emily Sapp said...

Mr. Sushi!

Emily said...

Mr. Sushi!

Becky said...

I almost peed my pants when I read that "Jervis" was one of the submissions!!! Classic!

I vote for Mr. Sushi, but each time you and Sam say his name you have to say it with an accent.

Angie Kay said...

Mr. Sushi

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Mr. Sushi... it's funny!! and I also agree with Becky that you need to say it with an accent!! LOL... Like Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid!! Oh! you could call the fish Daniel-son! kidding... "Man who catches fly with chopsticks accomplish anything"

Chris and Rebecca said...

Mr. Sushi all the way!!!

KTEAM said...

I am w/ K-Rock, you should name him Bling. That Jervis reference was for you Jen :)