Monday, May 18, 2009

Time to Eat

Max is what some would call a demanding eater. He loves food. He loves to eat. And if you don't keep his tray full, he will let you hear all about it. 

Well, over the weekend Max showed his daddy just how demanding he really is! Sam gave me the morning off and I gleefully stayed in bed a little longer than normal [yep, that's right, I didn't get up until 8am!!].

As I was dreaming in and out of consciousness and enjoying my lazy morning, Sam came running upstairs and said I had to come down to the kitchen and check out Max. Sam would never wake me up on my morning off, so I figured it had to be good.

Apparently, Sam had been busy in the kitchen. Running from the toaster to the pantry to the stove trying to get things organized before putting Max in his highchair. [If you do not have things cut up and ready to go when Mister goes into the highchair...well, let's just say he is not too happy with you.]

While Sam was scurrying around the kitchen getting things in order, Max was playing. Sam realized things were a bit too quiet, and promptly stopped what he was doing to check on the whereabouts of the boy. Well, he found him! He had [somehow!!] figured out how to climb into our booster seat/high chair. [It's the high chair we pull out when we have another toddler at the house. We had it out for Isabel the day before. It was sitting on the floor, clean and ready to be put away].  Again, I repeat. Max was able to climb into the seat, tray in tact, and was looking up at Sam with eyes that said, "can I eat now?"

Max, how you shimmied yourself into that seat we will never know!!


Joyful said...

That is so cute! He is getting so big! I love his hair! Leave it to a boy to do whatever it takes to get some food!

four4now said...

that's my nephew!!!!!

Erin said...

The boy is driven for sure!
And you-8:00-that is impressive!

Colton said...

HAHA what a funny kid! He looks soo ready too. Its not even like he just thought it looked comfy. HES HUNGRY lolol