Friday, February 29, 2008

Good News!

Sam and I are having a wonderful time in TN. I had the opportunity to meet our baby through an ultrasound yesterday. It was amazing. I was speechless and pretty choked up. He has some peach fuzz so we think he is going to come out of the womb with some hair!!

We also have a Colton update. Brace yourself, because this is good. God is so good!

As I mentioned before, Sam has been talking to Colton through email this past week. It has been quite an emotional roller coaster ride. But, through it all we have been trusting the Lord knowing this situation is HIS will. It is what we have waited years for.

Well, God has been at work. Colton requested to talk to Sam on the phone last night (Sam had put the offer on the table a couple days ago).

Well, Sam and Colton talked. And talked. And talked. For more than 2 hours. Colton has had a complete change of heart. They small talked for about the first 5 minutes of the conversation and maybe the last 15, but most of the time it was all about adoption. Colton just wants to be involved. He said he doesn't want to feel like his child is being taken from him, but he wants the opportunity to place his child in a loving home. He wants to be sure his son will never feel abandoned. Sam assured him that this child will have so much love and security in life he won't ever feel that way. Plus, Colton will have the opportunity to tell/meet him and explain why he made the decision he did! I really could go on and on about what transpired throughout the conversation. 

The bottom line is God is at work! And Sam and I are excited to get to know Colton and bless him in his future! 

Thank you Jesus!!

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