Friday, February 1, 2008


We just arrived home from the most AMAZING trip ever. We weren't sure exactly what to expect. How much time would we spend with Emily? Would we hit it off in person now that everything has changed? Would we get along with her family?  

So we just gave it to the Lord! He knew the details, He had arranged this from the beginning of let's enjoy!

And now, all I can say is I am overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed with God's goodness. Overwhelmed with Emily's selflessness. Overwhelmed by the gift of life. 

These past few days exceeded ALL of our expectations. From morning 'til night we were with Emily. Laughing, crying, telling childhood stories, talking about our futures. 

I can't describe the chemistry we all seem to have together. This journey is not only about the future of this baby boy, but also about a lifelong friendship with this amazing young woman. 

God had our world's collide "for such a time as this."

P.S. Isn't Emily beautiful?  

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