Thursday, February 21, 2008

Word from Cheryl

I received this email today from a woman at our church, Cheryl. She has been praying for us for years, but is currently unaware of our adoption plans. God is so incredibly good!

Blessings to you and Sam - another testimony is about to take place in your lives - woo hoo! As I have been praying for you I am sensing that you are in a very hard place. But, be encouraged! He has it covered and is at work behind the scenes. It will turn out the way in which He wants it to - prayers are powerful and He hears your heart. 

I received this specific word from the Lord two weeks ago and it applies to you and Sam.


Hang on to that word! It is for you two.

Blessings, Cheryl

Is God so cool? He knew exactly what we needed for encouragement right now and wanted us to know that He has it under control. 

Thank you GOD!!

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