Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Name for Baby Boy

I was up late tonight searching for baby boy names.  Since Sam and I have wanted children for years, this is something we have discussed often.  But, all the names we had picked for a boy just didn't seem to fit this special situation and long-awaited answer to prayer.

It didn't take me long to find THE name. In fact, I had a big legal size sheet of paper and was prepared to write down every boy's name I remotely liked to share with Sam. When I finished my "research" I had only three names on the big sheet and one seemed to stand out bolder than the others.

Maximus Samuel

When I shared the name with Sam, his first reaction was "I really like it. What does it mean?"  I can't believe I didn't look it up! In fact, I always look up meanings to names, it's important to me. So, we jumped on the computer and found this out:

Maximus - the greatest
Samuel - asked of God

We looked at each other and just knew the name fit. 

This baby boy is the greatest gift one person can give another. This baby boy represents the greatest testimony of our lives. This baby boy is the greatest miracle!

Done deal. 

Oh ya, and we are all about nicknames and love the name Max!

P.S. Ever watched the movie Gladiator? One of Sam's favorites and the hero of the show (Russell Crowe) is named Maximus.  Confirmation or what?

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