Friday, October 24, 2008

The Airplane "Incident"

I am a few days late sharing this story, but it MUST be told. 

Max has officially logged sky miles. He experienced his first plane ride this past weekend. 

Trip to destination: Smooth and seamless.

Trip home: Experienced turbulence. [but not the kind you are thinking of!]

As Sam and I were checking in our bags [which we avoid at ALL costs, but thanks to all the baby luggage we didn't have a choice] we smelled something a bit foul. I mean gross foul.  Did I mention Max smelled a bit gross? And foul?

Ok, so it was obvious to us [and probably everyone else in line] that Max had a dirty diaper. Problem easily solved with a quick diaper change. Uh, problem NOT easily solved after I got him on the Koala Kare changing station in the bathroom.

Diaper. Explosion.

Somehow. Somehow. Somehow. The diaper was only half on his little bottom, which means poop was everywhere.

Every. Where.

Down his leg. On his onesie. Inside his pants. All over his sock.  

I am literally wiping the baby boy down. Running out of wipes. Using paper towels. Frantic, frantic and more frantic.

I threw away his socks.  I threw away his onesie.  I couldn't part with his new Ralph Lauren jeans, but they definitely couldn't go back on the boy.

Of course, I did not pack a change of clothes.  I mean it was a short one-hour flight and he has never [I mean never] had an up-the-back or down-the-leg explosion.

So shirt and diaper is all we had to work with. 

Once we were through security and walking towards our gate, Sam simply looks at me and says, "we are those parents right now!" [the ones we used to look at and raise our eyebrows as if to say, "put some clothes on your kid."]

So to try to save face we decided it would be a good idea to wash Max's jeans and put them back on him.  So back to the bathroom I went. Turned those pants inside out and started scrubbing poop off of them. Of course there was no dryer in the bathroom. But, as luck would have it, an industrial size HydroDryer sat outside the bathroom. I slapped the pants right on the dryer [which literally got suctioned instantly] and crossed my fingers they would dry fast. Well, they might have started drying if the smell of poop hadn't started circulating in the air. People were staring [and smelling]. I had to stop.

So the little man flew all the way home with only the shirt on his back and diaper on his bottom.

And to top things off. Who do we randomly run into in the baggage claim area after the flight? Our post-placement social worker. Yep, this is no joke. The woman that has been visiting us once a month to make sure we are fit parents just happened to be on another flight, collecting her bags at the same time. Thankfully she found great humor in our story!

What an experience we will never forget.

I feel like we just got initiated into the world of parenthood.

Thanks Max!


four4now said...

You failed to mention the part about the social worker when you told me this story!!!!
Too funny!

Becky said...

Somehow, I don't think this story will EVER get old!! At least Max looks like a cutie, even if he's a little bush!

The2Scotts said...

Hilarious! I love it!! ;)

Emily said...

You are now accepted into the poop team!!! Welcome to the "I'm a mother of a boy club." MORE TO COME!!!
Love your rendition of the story though...made me laugh so hard!

Colton said...

HAHAHAH this is soo funny!!
Im sure.. Look at him show off thos thighs hahahahaha

Clare said...

That's hilarious! Great job Max!