Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meet Max's Cousin

Max with his cousin Shayden. 
These pictures are too cute...I had to post 'em!


Becky said...

Shayden looks like he's saying, "What am I doing out here? It was much quieter and warmer where I just was!" Max is saying, "I'll show ya the ropes...these people love babies!"

Colton said...

HAHAHAHAHA what a priceless picture. I have looked at this blog everyday that I'm at my computer and every time I am amazed to see that more often than not there is a new post!
much love

Joyful said...

Give a congrats to Rebecca for me! How exciting! Hes so tiny! Its really amazing how fast they grow!

The2Scotts said...

Hey Jen!
Em told me to get in touch with you...but I'm not sure I still have your email? Can you email me??
Can't wait to see you guys! :)