Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day at the Farm

Every autumn we spend a day in Millwood, Ohio.  Sam's aunt and uncle have a beautiful farm complete with a renovated farmhouse, wraparound front porch, pond, acres and acres of colorful trees, and of course, hayrides for the kids! It is something Sam and I look forward to every year.  

How exciting that this year we spent the day with Max: introducing him to family, showing him around the farm and taking him on his first hayride!


em-n-theboys said...

I had such a great time talking with you and meeting Max...what a cutie! We couldn't be more happy for your happiness.

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

LOVE the family pic.

Happy Farm Day max?


The2Scotts said...

you guys are just too cute. Oh I can't wait to meet this guy! :)

Colton said...

look at how fat his cheeks are hahahaha

Jen said...

He's storing up for later!!

colton said...

HAHA for later lol... well he's got plenty... look at this beautiful family! Cant wait for him to come to the mile high!!