Monday, October 27, 2008

Definitely. Not. Funny.

Do not laugh at me.  

I completely threw my back out today. Pinched some nerve or pulled some muscle that has been giving me shooting pain all afternoon and evening. 

Of course I did it at the gym: Working out. Pumping iron. Toning the core. 

Did I mention it was at Max's Little Gym?  Yeah, I might have pulled it while I was lifting and spotting him during his little acrobatic moves. 

I know. 

So. Completely. Embarrassing


Becky said...

Although you are in pain [still], I am believing for your complete and total healing! Not only so you will feel better, but so I can start telling this story not feel bad about your injury!

four4now said...

I am falling on the floor laughing.

Colton said...

Im sorry Jen :( Back injuries are no fun.... actually no imjuries can really be deemed fun lol.
Hope you feel better

Emily said...

I know exactly how you is fun being a Mommy to a boy huh? The best is yet to come. Just wait until they want you to climb a tree with them and you get stuck!

Anonymous said...

You may need therapy... physical therapy that is! ;) body mechanics Jen! haha... I'd help you out if I were there... so instead I will just have to pray for your healing! :) Take care

J., Ashley, & Adon said...

Jen & Sam

Stumbled on your blog through Sarah Scott's and we are so happy and excited for you and your little guy! You can see what's going on with us:

Ashley's e-mail:

Love the Maier's