Thursday, July 9, 2009

Extreme Sports

Max loves going to grandma's house. He enters toy heaven the moment he walks through her front door. 

She has an Elmo Workbench. [That plays a "catchy" little tune every time he touches a tool. In other words...the Elmo Workbench will remain at grandma's house.]

She has a swing set and sandbox in her backyard. 

And...[saving the best for last]

She has a Kawasaki 4-Wheeler that is just his size.

If Max could only talk, he would say, "Someone pinch me. I think I have gone to toy heaven."

So, who would have thought Max would be doing a 1-year-old's version of Extreme Sports in his grandma's backyard?  See for yourself!  He is quite the daredevil.


Rachel said...

That is hilarious! Just wait until these boys turn 2 and really figure out how to work the power wheels!

Bethany Costello said...

So awesome! I love the serious face

Becky said...

So funny!!!

I'm not sure you could call him a daredevil at .5 miles per hour, but the look of determination on his face makes up for it!

Joyful said...

aww yay! Jett has the four wheeler too! Are you shocked thougH? Next time we will have to have them race! ha!