Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Haircut for Maximus

Max finally [at 14 months and 10 days old] got his first haircut. Well, to be honest with you, it was a trim. Those cute, blonde curls aren't going anywhere!

Now, friends have warned me about "The First Haircut." It seems every mom procrastinates when it comes to cutting off those first locks of hair. And I proved to be no exception. Sam has been bugging me for weeks [or has it been months?!] to give Max his first haircut. I kept saying I wasn't ready. Now, Max was probably ready [so what if his bangs kept getting in his face and impairing his vision...]. But, not me. I was not ready. I still don't think I was ready when we walked into the salon. [confession: I might have been experiencing a bit of a panic attack]. 

But, his first little haircut was a success. And he still has beautiful, blonde, curly hair to prove it.

Getting ready for the snippity snip.

What a good boy sitting so still!

And the lolly was the ticket.
He was concentrating on all its goodness and 
forgot all about Carrie cutting his hair!

All done.
Looking good, my little man!

And for your viewing pleasure...
so you too can be part of the first haircut experience!


Becky said...

Awww...that is so sweet! I can't believe that he's growing to be a little man so quickly!

And thank goodness for lollies!

Marie said...

I have also be experience anxiety about you guys getting Max's haircut, so don't feel bad couz! :) He looks as cute as ever still!!!

Tonya said...

I am SO GLAD that you didn't cut off those adorable curls!

Emily said...

I can't believe his hair is that blonde! I love it!